Open Show - 2nd February 2015

Judge: - Mrs Valerie Garforth (Moorbull)


Best Dog and Best in Show: Joybull Rocks With Davik
Reserve Best Dog: Ardhub Under Red Sky
Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show: Ardhub Black Azz Koal
Best Opposite Sex: Ardhub Black Azz Koal
Reserve Best Bitch: Hyerdunscar I’ll Meet You at Surlatch
Best Puppy in Show: Black Sabbath At Ardhub Amber Dream (IMP)
Reserve Best Puppy In Show: Brazuca At Ardhub Amber Dream (IMP)
Best Veteran: Snetts Plum Masquerade At Keeperswatch

NBC Open Show February 2015

Pictured Left to right with Judge Valerie Garforth:- Best Dog & Best in Show: Joybull Rocks With Davik • Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show: Ardhub Black Azz Koal.

NBC Open Show February 2015

Reserve Best Dog: Ardhub Under Red Sky.

NBC Open Show February 2015

Reserve Best Bitch: Hyerdunscar I’ll Meet You at Surlatch.

NBC Open Show February 2015

Best Puppy in Show: Black Sabbath At Ardhub Amber Dream (IMP - POL) • Reserve Best Puppy In Show: Brazuca At Ardhub Amber Dream (IMP POL).

NBC Open Show February 2015

Best Veteran in show: Snetts Plum Masquerade At Keeperswatch.

I would like to thank the Committee of the N.B.C. for their invitation to judge the February Open Show. I had a super day and also thank you to my lovely stewards. I had a good entry with some excellent dogs to go over.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
  1. McGroarty; Black Sabbath At Ardhub Amber Dream (IMP)Red 8 months old puppy, very masculine with lovely head, dark mask body short and compact. Well off for bone. Good angulation, covered the ground with ease and drive. Very promising youngster. BPD and BPIS.
  2. Scott; Crundwells Master Henry8 months red puppy. Good head nice and square, dark eyes. Good width to chest and held his topline on the move. 1st just had the edge on movement. Good turn of stifle.
  3. Wilson; Ardhub Yoohoo At Jaarmoel
Puppy Dog (1)
  1. Abs.
Junior Dog (5)
  1. Griffiths; Joybull Rocks With DavikWell up to size young male with well developed body and good substance. Masculine head with nice eye set. Good reach of neck with width to front. Good front angulation, level topline, strong rear quarters. Enough reach in front and plenty of drive. Moved around the ring with enthusiasm. Very impressive. Pleased to award him BD and BIS.>
  2. Bown and Beal; Sundabish Fileas Fogg JWRed dog with nice large square head with dark mask and darkest of eyes. Good mouth, muscular neck, deep chest with well boned forelegs. Firm topline. Moved with power and purpose.
  3. Owen; Jadanelle Double Whammy At Keeperswatch
  4. Martin; Jessiemai Can’t Stop Me Now At Aribax
  5. Cooper; Ardhub Paint It Black
Novice Dog (0)
  1. No Entries
Post Grad Dog (3, 2 abs)
  1. Sidwell; Fowlerheight Benjarmi Brindle boy full of life. Good set ears on nice head with dark eye. Good reach of neck, topline level and firm. Rear angulation a little straight but moved soundly and with purpose.
  2. Abs
Limit Dog (5)
  1. Bown and Wilfort; Sundabish Gok WanNice fawn boy with lots of breed type who makes an impressive picture. Good head with good stop, nice reach of neck with good side profile. Good angles front and rear. Moved round the ring with ease and drive.
  2. Turner; Optimus Barrington Sh.CMFawn dog with nice head although a little longer in muzzle than 1st. Good black mask, lovely reach of neck. Chest wide with good depth. Well boned with good angulation. Moved correctly and purposefully round the ring.
  3. Roberts and Joyce; The Nightshift's Hotmail At Joybull (IMP NED)
  4. Nicolson; Cairnmount Hot Shot Of Kodis
  5. Gillespie and Barnes; Ballindaloch Bobby Dazzler
Open Dog (6,4 abs)
  1. Brewer; Ardhub Under Red SkyA pleasing red dog with well proportioned head, correct ears when interested. Firm well placed shoulders, strong straight bone, deep chest with plenty of width. Ribs well sprung, level topline. Shapely well muscled quarters, moved with reach and drive. RBD.
  2. Roberts and Joyce; Joybull Sweeny ToddGood head with nice expression, dark mask, eyes could be slightly darker. Depth to chest and good spring of rib. Solid topline held on the move. Moved at a steady pace round the ring.
  3. Abs
Veteran Dog (1, 1 abs)
  1. Abs
Special Brindle Dog (3)
  1. Roberts and Joyce; The Nightshift's Hotmail At Joybull (IMP NED)Lovely brindle boy with super head and expression. Deep wide chest with well boned legs. Good spring of rib with strong loin.Good solid topline. Moved well.
  2. Sidwell; Fowlerheight Benjarmi
  3. Martin; Jessiemai Can’t Stop Me Know At Aribax
Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. McGroarty; Brazuca At Ardhub Amber Dream (IMP)Pretty red girl with large skull and square head. Neat good ear placement, dark eye and pronounced stop. Chest wide and deep, good width of loin and strong hind quarters. Moved well. BPB
  2. Abs
Puppy Bitch (1, 1 abs)
  1. Abs
Junior Bitch (7, 3 abs)
  1. Abbott; Ardhub Black Obsession At AlonzobarVery feminine but powerful red girl. Lovely head with well filled cheeks, nice black mask with well arched neck. Feet nice and tight. Good width to chest and depth of brisket. Powerful forelegs. Back short and straight. Moved soundly.
  2. Roberts and Joyce; Joybull Absolute BlueprintFawn pretty girl yet quite powerful outline. Lovely earset, nice black mask with good width to chest. Nice tight feet. Lay of shoulder good. Short level back. Rear movement good.
  3. Brewer; Old Manila’s Born To Run (IMP NOR)
  4. Cooper; Rysid Black Don’t Crack
  5. Abs
Novice Bitch (3, 1 abs)
  1. Roberts, Joybull Stare If You DareGood head but flying ears a little. Well set eyes. Neck and front good. Tight feet. Level topline. Moved ok – a tad close behind.
  2. Bown and Wilfort, Sundabish Candy CrushVery appealing feminine girl. Very confident. Pretty head with the darkest of eyes. Correct ear placement. Lovely reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder. Good length through the loin. Excelled in movement.
  3. Abs
Post Grad Bitch (7, 4 abs)
  1. McGroarty; Ardhub Black Azz KoalBeautiful well balanced brindle girl. Pleasing head with dark eye, good width to under jaw with well filled cheeks. Good width and drop of chest. Back short with good rear angulation. What a happy character this girl is. When settled she moved round the ring with drive and purpose BB RBIS.
  2. Lewis; Millkeeper’s DestinyFeminine fawn girl who makes a lovely outline. Excellent eye shape and colour. Darkest of masks. Body well constructed and in proportion. Well off for bone. Good rear angulation. Moved out well.
  3. Palmer and Banner; Bullmeridith The Fizz At Priambulls
  4. Abs
Limit Bitch (1)
  1. Tomlinson/Clare; Hyerdunscar I’ll Meet You at SurlatchA lovely red girl with good head and well filled cheeks. Dark mask and a good mouth. Straight front with good bone. Wide chest with level topline. Good angulation producing sound movement. RBB
Open Bitch (4, 3 abs)
  1. Cooper; Jadanelle Awsome Blossom At RysidRed girl with pleasing head, fair amount of wrinkle , good reach of neck with correct lay of shoulder. Decent chest and straight strong bone. Shown in good condition and when settled moved ok.
  2. Abs
Veteran Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. Owen; Snetts Plum Masquerade At KeeperswatchThis lovely red girl is carrying her age very well. Pleasing head with dark eyes. Nice arched neck. Deep chest with ample bone. Moved well. A credit to her owners.
  2. Abs
Special Brindle Bitch (1)
  1. McGroarty; Ardhub Black Azz Koal
  2. Abs

I was not allowed a dog as a child and on completion of my exams my mother asked me what I would like as a present of course it was a dog. So started my love of dogs but during my teens I was more involved with horses competing at various dressage levels and judging some events. I still have two Trakehner mares but obviously the dogs have now taken over.
On moving to our property just below the moors at Hebden Bridge some 30 years ago I decided that I would like a dog as a companion when my husband was working away and was introduced to the mastiff breed by a very good friend who had an English Mastiff.
One morning whilst reading the newspaper I saw an advert for a 9 month old Bullmastiff bitch puppy for sale we rang the telephone number and went to see her and there it all began some 29 years ago. Honey as we called her came from the Pitman lines and lived to the ripe old age of 11 years. When she was about 10 years old I decided I would like another puppy to perhaps bring into the show scene. I rang various breeders including going to see the famous Bonsoro Kennels who had a litter but all were spoken for.
I ended up purchasing a puppy from a lady down south who had just had a litter to Ch Maxstoke Monty and that was the start of my love for the Naukeen blood lines. Naukeen Toffee at Moorbull being my foundation bitch whom I purchased from my good friends and mentors Doreen and Granville Blount who owned the Naukeen affix. I have only bred five litters in all my years of owning bullmastiffs out of which seven dogs have gained their stud book numbers.
I have judged at various open shows including Leeds Championship Show and Working and Pastoral Breeds of Scotland. I have obtained all the necessary seminar certificates and have been a committee member of the Northern Bullmastiff Club for many years.
I have really enjoyed my involvement with dogs – creating good friendships for me both at home and abroad. Including trips to Australia and America various times to watch the judging of their championship shows.
I look forward to judging the Northern Bullmastiff Open Show in February – an appointment I feel honoured and privileged to have been invited for.

Valerie Garforth (Moorbull)