The Bullmastiff Breed Council

The Northern Bullmastiff Club

The Northern Bullmastiff Club is currently a member of the Bullmastiff Breed Council.

Purpose of the Bullmastiff Breed Council

"Statement of Intent" - Ref. Breed Council website

The Bullmastiff Breed Council provides a forum for general discussion of matters which affect the Bullmastiff. It is made up of democratically elected delegates from the Bullmastiff clubs around the country, each club sending a maximum of four representatives to join in the discussions although each club only has a single vote on any matters of policy. Any matters for consideration by the Bullmastiff Breed Council have to be directed initially to the individual clubs which can then raise them at Bullmastiff Breed Council meetings. This obviates un-necessary topics taking up time which should be devoted to more important issues.

The Bullmastiff Breed Council also provides a liaison between the clubs and the Kennel Club and is consulted by the Kennel Club on a variety of issues including the suitability of new judges to undertake Championship level judging.
New health initiatives are also aired at the Bullmastiff Breed Council and the Council is consulted about the feasibility of certain proposed legislation and regulation affecting our breed. The Bullmastiff Breed Council takes its role very seriously and strives to promulgate good practice among owners and breeders.

The Council holds seminars to provide education for judges as well as conferences dealing with health issues. It works closely with the individual breed clubs to avoid duplication of topics and endeavours to publicise issues relevant to our breed.

The Bullmastiff Breed Council meets three or four times a year, the number of meetings depending upon the business to be dealt with. The Officers are elected annually by the constituent clubs.
The Bullmastiff Breed Council publishes a judging list for A1, A2 and A3 judges. This list is compiled from the judging lists of the constituent clubs, following the criteria already decided. To appear on the Breed Council list a judge has to be on the lists of a majority of constituent clubs.

Breed Council Officers

Breed Council Officers elected at the last Breed Council AGM (2023)
  • Breed Council Chairman - Mr W. Brittle (Southern Bullmastiff Society)
  • Breed Council Secretary - Mrs D. Myers (Northern Bullmastiff Club)
  • Breed Council Treasurer - Mr G. Shirt (Northern Bullmastiff Club)
  • Breed Council Vice Chairman - Mr A. Hope (Bullmastiff Society Of Scotland)

Other roles within the Breed Council

  • Breed Health Co-Ordinator - Miss M. Porter
  • Breed Education Co-Ordinator -
  • Kennel Club Breeds Liaison Council Delegate -

Kennel Club Breeds Liaison Council – Your voice at the Kennel Club

The Northern Bullmastiff Club

Purpose of the Breeds Liaison Council

Ref. KC website
The Breeds Liaison Council is made up of representatives for every breed and has 30 Group Delegates who attend each meeting. Representatives are elected for a three year term to act as a channel of communication between Breed clubs, competitors, and the Kennel Club. The Council was set up to represent grass-roots opinion within the sport at the Kennel Club, and to promote a better understanding among competitors of how the Kennel Club functions. It meets twice per year, and representatives hold meetings prior to each council meeting to provide a platform for proposals and discussion items to be raised. The meetings also provide feedback from the Kennel Club on recent developments and decisions.
The Council reviews the Show Regulations and advises the Kennel Club on any changes that may be needed, and is actively involved in strategic planning to enable Showing to continue and flourish. Council proposals can result in fundamental changes in Kennel Club policy and the Kennel Club values the important work the Councils do.
Council members are always interested in hearing the views and ideas of competitors, and will be seen competing at, judging at or managing many shows during the year. Minutes and agendas for recent and forthcoming Council meetings can be found on the Kennel Club Website.
Representatives are elected for a period of three years and the current postition for the Bullmastiff representative is up for election during 2022. Representatives are listed on the KC Website. Representatives are elected by Kennel Club Breed Clubs which have been registered for at least 12 months.

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Lists agenda's and minutes of previous meetings attended by our Bullmastiff Liaison Council representative.