Open Show - 17th September 2023

Judge: - Mr Martin Esders (Roxiga)


Best Dog & Best in Show: Copperfield Dubbley
Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex In Show: Omfero Princess Audrey At Verosa JW
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show: Saphira De Terras Lusitanas Astonpride (IMP PRT)
Best Veteran In Show: Ch Optimus Daffyd JW
Best Special Open Brindle Bitch & Best Brindle In Show: Fowlerheights Azra Fasden
Reserve Best Dog: Phoria’s Seventh Heaven
Reserve Best Bitch: Optimus Daisonville Hello Again
Best Puppy Dog & Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show: Mogmoos Noah

**A big thank you to our judge's wife Linda Esders for supplying the photos**

NBC Open Show September 2023

Pictured with Judge Martin Esders:- Best Dog & Best in Show:
Copperfield Dubbley

NBC Open Show September 2023

Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex:
Omfero Princess Audrey At Verosa JW

NBC Open Show September 2023

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show:
Saphira De Terras Lusitanas Astonpride (IMP PRT)

NBC Open Show September 2023

Best Veteran Dog & Best Veteran In Show:
Ch Optimus Daffyd JW

NBC Open Show September 2023

Best Brindle Bitch & Best Brindle In Show:
Fowlerheights Azra Fasden

NBC Open Show September 2023

Best Puppy Dog & Best Opposite Sex Puppy In Show: Mogmoos Noah

My thanks to the officers & committee of The Northern Bullmastiff Club for the opportunity to judge their Breed Open Show, a warm welcome from the club together with good stewards, good sportsmanship and enthusiasm from the exhibitors made this a fantastic day for me. I found today’s exhibits all had good temperaments, movement was not an issue either but I did feel some lacked the head squareness associated with the breed and the bite was often too undershot, having said that, my awards were given on a combination of the day’s performances and assessments.

Minor Puppy Dog (0, 0 abs)
  1. No Entries
Puppy Dog (2, 1 abs)
  1. Wood's - Mogmoos Noah A strong 11-month-old fawn male, head developing nicely but unable to assess dentitian on this lively youngster, good forequarters with deep chest, moved out well and with confidence, a very tidy youngster. Best Puppy Dog and Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show.
Junior Dog (1, 0 abs)
  1. Latter's - Stoneglad Casanova17-month male, presented well, correct head ratios with good pigmentation and alert expression, strong slightly arched neck and compact body length, moved well and gave a good account of himself, handled well.
Novice Dog (1, 0 abs)
  1. Brearley's - Fowlerheights Artax At Tatroyds Fawn male of 18 months, a well-constructed young man, nice head with good dentitian, he was a little unsettled, ears set back which spoiled his overall expression, strong neck, good body length and muscular rear quarters, moved well for his handler.
Post Grad Dog (1, 1 abs)
  1. Absent
Limit Dog (1, 0 abs)
  1. Thomas & Bull's - Phoria’s Seventh Heaven Stunning 20-month-old fawn male having all the attributes of a Bullmastiff, scored very well for head ratios and dentitian, good mask pigmentation and expression. Strong front quarters with muscular compact body length, covered the ground well and at one with his handler, stood alone but pleased to award the class win and Reserve Best Dog.
Open Dog (3, 2 abs)
  1. Warren's - Copperfield Dubbley Another stunning fawn male of 2 ½ years of age, typical head with short deep muzzle, good bite and very nice pigmentation of mask, his muscular neck and shoulders adding to his compact body length gives this boy an imposing profile, on the move he covered the ground with ease and confidence, pleased to award both dog and handler the class win, Best Dog and Best of Breed, well done.
Veteran Dog (1, 0 abs)
  1. Myers' - Ch Optimus Daffyd JW Approaching 8 years of age this gentleman of the ring still holds ring presence and all the attributes necessary for a Bullmastiff champion, correct head piece including good ear set, adding to the head’s square appearance, nice bite and width of muzzle, scores well in front assembly and still holds a muscular appearance when in profile, movement was good, pleased to award him Best Veteran Dog and Best Veteran in Show.
Special Brindle Dog (0)
  1. No entries
Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 0 abs)
  1. Spencer's - Islekeepers Rough Diamond8-month-old fawn bitch developing well for her age, correct head proportions with good dentitian & well-placed ear set. Solid fore chest with muscular shoulders, short back with adequate flank, movement was good & positive.
  2. Warren & Jeans-Brown's - Allwatcha Copperfield Tiffs Diamond Another developing 8-month-old youngster, red in coat and all of the same attributes as 1st, handled well but preferred the movement of 1st on the day.
Puppy Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. Aston's - Saphira De Terras Lusitanas Astonpride (IMP PRT)Very impressive 10-month-old puppy that immediately catches your eye, well balanced in build, scores highly in head particularly mouth, eyes and ear set, solid front and compact body, moved out confidently and with purpose, pleased to award the class win, Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show, well done.
Junior Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. Myers' - Optimus Daisonville Hello AgainThis 18 month old fawn girl certainly gets your attention, super in profile and presented in top condition, good head ratio’s with correct bite and a nicely padded muzzle, typical expression with dark eyes and very good mask pigmentation, nicely developed front assembly with muscular neck and well placed shoulders, firm topline and solid muscular rear quarters, moved well in class and for a change of handler in the challenge, deserved the class win and pleased to give her the Reserve Best Bitch award.
Novice Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. Mellis' - Brinto Diamond Unfortunately this 20-month-old red bitch was not having the best of days with both dog and handler showing for the first time, very unsettled in the ring and not enjoying the attention, decided not to risk any upset so no assessment was done, hopefully with ringcraft and socialising she will continue to be supportive of the breed at future shows.
Post Grad Bitch (6, 3 abs)
  1. Latter's - Stoneglad Shes A Rebel17-month-old litter sister to Junior Dog winner, very well-constructed fawn bitch with balanced head and correct bite, strong fore chest with good spring of ribs, compact body with wide loins, muscular rear quarters, moved out with drive and purpose, handled extremely well and pushed hard for top honours today.
  2. Fascoine's - Fowlerheights Azra Fasden18-month-old dark brindle shown in good condition, strong muscular bitch with good front and rear quarters, lost out on head ratios but still showing typical Bullmastiff expression, moved and handled well.
  3. Harris' - Lynchspride Doja Cat
Limit Bitch (4, 2 abs)
  1. Marshall & Tankard's - Omfero Princess Audrey At Verosa 2-year-old fawn bitch of exceptional quality, clean head with correct bite, muzzle ratio slightly long but still well padded, strong neck, powerful front with muscular body, firm topline with broad loins, moved out with drive and confidence, well-handled for the class win, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex awards, well done.
  2. Fascoine's - Jadanelle Jessie Moon A well-presented 3-year-old fawn bitch, very nice in profile, typical head with expressive dark eyes, strong well-muscled front and firm rear quarters, nice topline and tail set, moved well but did not seem to cover the ground as effortlessly as 1st.
Open Bitch (3, 1 abs)
  1. Myers' – Optimus Gotcha Go3-year-old fawn bitch shown in beautiful condition, clean head with correct muzzle length and dark expressive eyes, good rise of skull and correct ear placement, strong compact body with firm wide loins, strong rear quarters, moved well for the class win but I felt she was not at her best in the challenge.
  2. Marshall & Tankard’s - Safety Of Flatland You Are My Destiny At Verosa (IMP HUN) At just over 3 years of age this girl is much heavier in build than 1st, scored well on front assembly and head ratios, well placed shoulders and nice spring of rib, good topline, well placed tail set and very good in profile when stacked, handled well.
Veteran Bitch (3, 2 abs)
  1. Bryan's - Islekeepers Roxanne At TonicbullAlmost 8 years of age this girl is still enjoying her time in the ring, head and muzzle squareness gives her the typical Bullmastiff look, front assembly still showing muscle tone and topline still holds well, firm rear quarters with wide loins, moved well and deserved the class win.
  2. Cox's - Bullberry Delyth From ColomAnother fine example of a very nice veteran Bullmastiff still showing well, head ratios good but muzzle not quite as padded and square as 1st, straight front with good shoulder placement and compact body, not quite the turn of stifle of 1st but moved well for her handler.
Special Brindle Bitch (1, 1 abs)
  1. Fascoine's - Fowlerheights Azra FasdenSee PGB 2nd placing critique

Our Judge
Mr Martin Esders (Roxiga)
I have always had a great interest in both working and molossus breeds, my first Boxer was purchased together with my wife Linda back in the mid 1990’s from the Lynpine Kennels of Charles Walker and later a boy from the Faerdorn kennels of Sue Harvey. It wasn’t until we were introduced to Fearn Pynegar of Berwynfa kennels that we were able to own and love a super bitch who provided us with a good platform for a future in both breeding and exhibiting of Boxers which we still enjoy to this day.
It was a natural progression to enter the world of judging and after 14 years of hard work, seminars and exams, I was approved by the Kennel Club to award Challenge Certificates in Boxers, my first appointment coming in 2022 at the Driffield Championship Show.
I am also Kennel Club approved to award Challenge Certificates in Dogue de Bordeaux and I am working hard to achieve the same honour with a breed I have always greatly admired, the Bullmastiff.