Open Show - 21st February 2016

Judge: - Mr John Walton Haddon


Best Dog and Best in Show: Optimus Barrington Sh.CM
Reserve Best Dog: Klaus Blood Lust
Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show: Stoneglad She's Got The Look
Best Opposite Sex: Stoneglad She's got The Look
Reserve Best Bitch: Carminway Platinum Edition At Torreyabloom
Best Puppy in Show: Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor
Reserve Best Puppy In Show: Hyerdunscar The Big Tease
Best Veteran: Fowlerheight Red Revenge
Best Brindle In Show: Jessiemai Cant Stop Me Now At Aribax

NBC Open Show February 2017

Pictured Left to right with Judge John Walton Haddon:- BPD & BPIS - Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor • BD & BIS - Optimus Barrington Sh.CM • BB and RBIS - Stoneglad She's Got The Look • BVIS - Fowlerheight Red Revenge • Best Brindle In Show - Jessiemai Cant Stop Me Now At Aribax.

Minor Puppy Dog (3)
  1. Davies - Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor Fawn, good for bone, a nice make and shape to this dog, correctly proportioned head with good pigmentation, strong neck with good lay of shoulder, front construction sound, enough depth of brisket, hind angulation good, steady on the move. BPIS
  2. Bilson's - Jbzee This Means War at Zobullea Good shape to head, has a fair amount of wrinkle, front a tad wide, topline a bit weak at the moment, needs to settle on the move.
  3. Cray's - Fowlerheight Hannikea
Puppy Dog (1)
  1. Young's - Stonekeeper Amatrix at Staxonoby (IMP HRV)Nice profile, solid throughout, masculine well proportioned head with dark eye, bite could be better, strong neck and shoulders, moved well but is a bit close behind.
Junior Dog (2)
  1. Dalby's - Marchmanor Exclusive Nice type who presented a good outline when standing, purposeful mover but crabs a little, nicely shaped head with good pigmentation, soundly constructed front and rear, sufficient bone and substance.
  2. Lomax's - Optimus Guinness Brindle, very nice head with good earset, very nice profile with super topline, shoulders and depth of brisket are ok, correct ribbing, can stand with front feet turned out, moves rather close at rear
Novice Dog (0)
  1. No Entries
Post Grad Dog (8, 1 abs)
    Difficult decision between 1 & 2, winner edged it on movement
  1. Simpson's - Klaus Blood Lust Soundly constructed with excellent head & expression, balanced fore and aft, strong neck and back with good strength in loin, good depth of brisket, correct ribbing, powerful mover with good rear drive. RBD
  2. Beal & Bown's - Sundabish Philleas Fogg JW Sound specimen, excellent head and pigmentation, presented a good outline standing and on the move, front construction is good with a super forechest, in very good condition, not as good as 1 in hind action.
  3. Owen's - Jadanelle Double Whammy at Keeperswatch
  4. Palmer & Banner's - Priambulls A Touch of Magic
  5. Aldcroft's - Fowlerheight Astro
Limit Dog (3, 1 abs)
  1. Warren & Lovatt's - Valgerd Going Underground At Copperfield Soundly constructed with a very good outline, masculine well proportioned head with strong bite, tad more wrinkle than I like, good length to neck and very good shoulder placement, well constructed front with good forechest and let down of brisket, strong in the loin, strong well muscled thighs. Moved OK.
  2. Lewis's - Millkeeper's Norseman Fawn of some size, powerfully constructed, has a good head shape but this is spoilt by lazy ears, good bone and substance. Nice outline with correct topline, rear angulation is good, Lazy on the move
  3. Abs
Open Dog (4)
  1. Turner's - Optimus Barrington ShCM Up to size, reminded me of an old favourite of mine from the 70’s, Ch Bunsoro Cloudburst, a super specimen that is powerfully built, correct size and shape to head with a thoughtful expression, excellent front construction with super forechest and depth of brisket, correct spring of ribs, strong loin, just enough angulation at the rear, best mover here today. BD & BIS
  2. Griffiths's - Joybull Rocks at Davik Smaller than 1, another with good head features, solid front construction with good lay of shoulders, excellent body shape with good rear angulation, not the hind action of the winner.
  3. Martin's - Jessiemai Can't Stop Me Now At Aribax
  4. Burgin's - Jessiemai Reason T Believe
Veteran Dog (2, 1 abs)
  1. Aldcroft's - Fowlerheight Red Revenge 8yrs old, fawn, beginning to grey a little on the muzzle, smallish type with a nice head, sound front construction and lay of shoulders, excellent ribbing and good rear angulation, a little lazy on the move but he was just happy to be here. Best Veteran.
  2. Abs
Special Brindle Dog (3)
  1. Martin's - Jessiemai Can't Stop Me Now At Aribax A good size, pleasing head shape, ok for front construction, nice depth to brisket, moved out well but tail set is high. Best Brindle.
  2. Aldcroft's - Fowlerheight Astro Rather heavy in head, outline is ok, good spring of rib and rear construction, front not so good.
  3. Lomax's - Optimus Guinness
Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 0 abs)
  1. Lindley's - Hyerdunscar The Big Tease Fawn, not quite 9mths old, has promise, all round make and shape is good, feminine head with good expression, stands over enough ground, good shoulders, hindquarters and correct topline. Moved at correct pace looks super, needs time to mature but should do well in the future.
  2. Cornforth & Gazzard's - Jbzee Miss Mojito Very immature, carrying a fair bit of facial wrinkle, shoulders are well laid, good length to ribs, rather straight in stifle.
Puppy Bitch (2, 0 abs)
  1. Wilson & McGroarty's - Ardhub Hotter Than Hell at Jaarmoel Rather a handful at the moment, needs to mature a lot, presented a nice profile, head in good order with well placed ears, sufficient ribbing and good shoulder placement, side gait is very good but at the moment moves close both front and rear.
  2. Gazzard's - Fowlerheight Morning Glory at Jbzee Well built brindle who was not at all happy, beautiful head and pigmentation, solid front, shortish tail, movement was difficult to assess.
Junior Bitch (7, 1 abs)
  1. Myers & Morgan's - Optimus Seven Fawn, a little unsure initially but settled enough to be assessed, a good type and well built for age, super in front and good hindquarters, sufficient ribbing with enough spring, pleasing size and shape to head with good ears, best mover in class.
  2. Latter's - Stoneglad Uptown Funk Similar make and shape but not so good in front, well let down brisket, good lay of shoulder, presented a nice topline, head of good order, movement was ok.
  3. Parkin's - Stoneglad Who's That Girl at Marshbull
  4. Marshall & Tankard's - Marchmanor Dame Vera
  5. Lovatt's - Allwatcha Mabon Equinox at Shirostar
Novice Bitch (2)
  1. Marshall & Tankard's - Marchmanor Dame Vera
  2. Aldcroft's - Ardhub Betty Boo at Fowlerheight
Post Grad Bitch (3, 1 abs)
  1. Brewer's - Old Manila's Born To Run (IMP NOR)A delightful typey brindle bitch, correctly proportioned throughout, beautiful balanced head with good pigmentation, super bite, well muscled neck with good shoulders and front construction, correct in topline, movement could be better
  2. Latter's - Gioko QC at Stoneglad (IMP)Another brindle with an excellent head, good lay of shoulders, front not so good as 1, topline a bit weak, strong well muscled hindquarters.
  3. Abs
Limit Bitch (4)
    Very close between 1 & 2
  1. Latter's - Stoneglad She's Got The Look A good type with good head shape and excellent pigmentation, front and rear angulation are very good, front is well constructed, very nice topline, coat a bit shabby and out of condition, moved well without really extending herself. RBIS and BOS.
  2. Simpson's - Pleats Rosalee Head of good shape and substance, excellent bite, super soft expression, front & rear construction is good, strong in the neck, topline a little weak, moved OK.
  3. Lindley's - Hyerdunscar She's At It Again
  4. Lewis's - Millkeeper's Destiny
Open Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. Baines's - Carminway Platinum Edition at Torreyabloom Smallish type, good head shape but would look better if ears were used to full effect, strong in the front, ribbing sufficiently well back and nicely shaped, movement is close front and rear
  2. Abs
Veteran Bitch (2, 1 abs)
  1. Myers & Morgan's - Ch Optimus Scarlet 7yrs old, pleasing outline with good fore and aft angulation, a nice head and expression with well set ears, lacking a bit in condition, moves true enough but rather lethargic today.
Special Brindle Bitch (1)
  1. Brewer's - Old Manila's Born To Run (IMP NOR)1st in Post Graduate Bitch

Bullmastiffs were my original breed, acquiring my first one from the famous Bunsoro kennel in the late 70’s. I bred several litters using the Oldwell and Todomas breed lines and had some limited success in the show ring. Work and other commitments in the mid 80’s precluded me from continuing to breed, as well as losing both my bitches to health problems. My other passion were the hound breeds and it was on these I concentrated and I am qualified for the Hound Group at Ch. Show level.
I still maintain an interest in the breed and can occasionally be found ringside if I am at a show on Working day. I have judged many breeds over all the groups throughout the years, doing BIS at Open Shows on a number of occasions. I have judged all over the UK and had overseas appointments in Australia and Latvia.
I am looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with the breed at this show.
J. W. Haddon