Open Show - 10th August 2014

Judge: - Mr. Richard Kinsey (Kitarn)


Best Dog & Best in Show: Joybull Sweenytodd
Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show: Millkeeper's Destiny
Reserve Best Dog: Millkeeper's Norseman
Reserve Best Bitch: Medjezelbab Golden Girl at Fowlerheights
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show: Joybull Absolute Blueprint
Best Puppy Dog: Jadanelle Double Whammy At Keeperswatch

NBC Open Show August 2019

Pictured Left to right with Judge Richard Kinsey:- Best Puppy Dog - Jadanelle Double Whammy At Keeperswatch • Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Show: - Joybull Absolute Blueprint • Best Dog and Best In Show: - Joybull Sweenytodd • Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show: - Millkeeper's Destiny.

NBC Open Show August 2014

Pictured Left to right:- Reserve Best Dog – Millkeeper's Norseman (handled for photo by Lynda Elmore) • Reserve Best Bitch – Medjezelbab Golden Girl at Fowlerheights

My thanks to the committee for their kind invitation and to all exhibitors that braved the horrendous weather on the day to make it to the show. I was pleased with my entry figures and all my winners were sound and well muscled. As a non specialist I look for strong well built dog that is capable and fit enough to do a good days work without tiring. All present here today were well toned and excellent temperaments and credit to their owners.

Minor Puppy Dog (2, 1 abs)
  1. Griffiths - Joybull Rocks with Davik 7 month fawn boy. Scores well in skull and foreface. Dark eyes, ears set on and used well. Correct dentition. Muscular neck of good length. Well laid in shoulder. Feet compact. Firm in back and topline, well defined in quarters and strong in hocks. Steady and precise on the move.
Puppy Dog (4, 1 abs)
  1. Owen’s - Jadanelle Double Whammy at Keeperswatch 11 month red. Strong in head, broad skull proportionate in muzzle. Clean in eye. Ears set on correctly. Deep in chest and well sprung in rib. Straight forelegs. Well muscled rear. Drives well from rear considering surface. BPD & RBPIS.
  2. Martin’s - Jessiemai Can’t Stop Me Now10 month dark brindle. Good headpiece with dark eyes and correct mouth. Powerful neck to moderate shoulders. Good bone and feet. Enough ribbing for his age. Holds a solid topline in profile. Steady moving.
  3. Gniadek’s - Turark’s Osprey.
Junior Dog (5, 1 abs)
  1. Lewis’ - Millkeeper’s Norseman Fawn. Very good in head with balance in skull to muzzle. Ears set on and carried well. Very strongly built in forehand with ample bone and tight feet. Deep chest with good ribbing. Muscular rear allowing true driving action. Holds his shape well. Would like to see him outside or on a different surface to really see his build put to good use. RBD.
  2. Garratt’s - Marchmanor Hunni Monster Red. Another with strong head and good ear set. Proportionate in skull and muzzle. Enough length to his powerful neck. Scores in shoulders. Deep chest with good ribbing. Steady on the move. Not as defined as winner in quarters.
  3. Roberts’ - The Nightshift’s Hotmail at Joybull (IMP NED).
  4. Turner's - Optimus Barrington.
Novice Dog (1)
  1. Sidwell’s - Fowlerheight Benjarmi 2 ½ year old dark brindle. Good head shape although ears could be better set on. Strong neck into shoulders that are a bit too steep for me. Deep in chest. Well sprung in rib. Movement was somewhat restricted due to forehand being a bit steep and as such lacked the reach to match his hard driving action.
Post Grad Dog (3, 2 abs)
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  • Marsh & Emmett’s - Heriol Porthos Red. 19 months old. Some of the best feet here today. Very strong in head without being coarse or overdone anywhere. Super bone and forehand although he wasn’t completely sound on the day which was a shame because he is clean all through but today not happy in forehand. Well muscled rear with strong hocks. Topline is a little soft.
  • Limit Dog (2, 1 abs)
    1. Baines’ - Sundabish Ry Cooder at Torreyabloom Fawn, excellent headpiece with dark eyes and neat well set ears. Clean neck into well laid shoulders. Straight forelegs and tight feet. Well ribbed up with solid topline defined in quarters and straight in hocks. Covers the ground with fluency and precision, another that would benefit from being outside.
    Open Dog (7, 3 abs)
    1. Roberts’ - Joybull Sweenytodd 5 year old red, super head and expression. Ears could be set a little closer to his head at times. Mid brown eyes. Muscular front assembly that matches his rear to a “T” allowing him such a rangy stride in any direction. Solid in topline that holds at all times. Nothing overdone about this dog he just moves at a steady and controlled pace. BD & BIS..
    2. Warren, Singleton & Lindley’s - Hyerdunscar Red Square at Copperfield Another strong red boy with well proportioned head. Neat well set ears. Good length of neck into moderate front assembly. Straight bone and tight feet. Not as defined in quarters as winner but equally as sound on the move.
    3. Baines’ - Torreyabloom Northen Light
    Veteran Dog (0)
    1. No Entries
    Special Open Brindle Dog (3)
    1. Roberts’ - The Nightshift’s Hotmail at Joybull (IMP NED), Scored better in head. Strongly built in forehand with straight legs and compact feet. Moderate lay of shoulder. Enough in ribs. Clean moving but needs a little more definition in quarters to finish him.
    2. Martin's - Jessiemai Can't Stop Me Now.
    3. Sidwell’s - Fowlerheight Benjarmi.
    Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 2 abs)
    1. Roberts’ - Joybull Absolute Blueprint Young fawn bitch with beautiful headpiece. Darkest of eyes, ears carried close to skull. Proportionate in skull to muzzle. Very strong forehand with well laid shoulders and compact feet. Enough ribbing for her age. Scored in hind movement over second place today. Sound and precise coming to. One to watch for the future for sure BPIS
    2. Roberts’ - Joybull Stare If You Dare. close up to winner with many of the same remarks in that her head is balanced and clean, but her ears need to settle. Very good in front action coming to but a tad close going away but with time this will improve, as she has the build to work on. Like her litter mate she will have a bright future.
    3. Brewer’s - Old Manila’s Born To Run (IMP NOR).
    Puppy Bitch (2, 2 abs)
    1. Absent
    Junior Bitch (6, 2 abs)
    1. Lewis’s - Millkeeper’s Destiny Fawn girl that excels in head being clean and proportionate all through. Darkest of eyes and neat well set ears. Powerful neck through to forehand and straight well boned legs. Well ribbed up and firm in back. Comes into her own on the move covering the ground fluently. Completely balanced in outline. Best Bitch, Best Oposite Sex & Reserve Best in Show.
    2. Garforth’s - Moorbull Up Town Girl. fawn again with strength in forehand. Strong head yet still feminine in appearance. Muscular front assembly with good angulation. Deep well filled in chest. Fluent and clean moving.
    3. Roberts’ - Walking In My Shoes with Joybull (IMP ITA).
    4. Garratt’s - Marchmanor Eyekandi
    Novice Bitch (2, 2 abs)
    1. Absent
    Post Grad Bitch (1)
    1. Walker’s - Stoneglad A Kind Of Majic At Grandwell fawn girl scoring well in head with good ratios and dark eyes. Strong jawline. Moderate build in front matched in quarters. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Feet could be tighter. Sound on the move but rather close coming to at times.
    Limit Bitch (4, 3 abs)
    1. Aldcroft’s - Fowlerheight Bakana 3 year old fawn bitch rather heavily built causing her to be wide in front she has a good forehand and balanced quarters but this was not as clean as it could have been had she been a tad lighter Moderate in head with broad skull and muzzle. Sound moving in any direction although somewhat lethargic on the day.
    Open Bitch (2, 1 abs)
    1. Aldcroft’s - Medjezelbab Golden Girl at Fowlerheights 3 ½ year old dark brindle girl that has very strong front assembly and straight forelegs. Scores in head, broad in skull and muzzle. Mid brown eye shade. Well filled in chest and sprung in ribbing. Powerful hindquarters allowing free, easy movement but a little sluggish at times. Reserve Best Bitch.
    Veteran Bitch (1, 1 abs)
    1. Absent
    Special Open Brindle Bitch (2)
    1. Aldcroft’s - Medjezelbab Golden Girl at Fowlerheights 1st in Open Bitch.
    2. Brewer’s - Old Manila’s Born To Run (IMP NOR).7 months giving a lot in maturity to winner. Good shape and balance in body. Head breaking well for her age. Ample bone but feet need to tighten. Moves well for her age and surface of the floor. She has the build just needs the time to develop on.

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