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Important announcement

Following our committee meeting 05/09/2021 and the resignation of our Club Secretary Stephen Humphries & Treasurer Adrian Lowton due to personal reasons, the committee agreed to appoint people to fill the positions of “acting officers” until the next AGM. The committee would like to thank Adrian & Stephen for their input in the running of the club as officers and whilst they were committee members and wish them well.
The committee welcomed the offer from former Secretary and Treasurer Gary & Lynne Shirt to carry out the officer rolls until the next AGM when membership voting can take place. The email address for the club secretary remains unchanged, Gary can also be contacted by the club facebook page.


Powerful, Enduring, Active and Reliable. High-Spirited, Alert and Faithful.

Not Just A Dog - Our Loyal Friend & Protector.

Club Championship Show 2021

Sunday:- 22nd August 2021
Judge:- Deborah Morgan (Optimus)

Please note, there will be no postal entries for this show
On-line entries close Midnight Sunday, 1st August 2021

For further details on the show please click here.
Click here to view the Schedule on fossedata and enter the show

Best In Show Northern Bullmastiff Club Open Show Feb 2020 - Stonegald Dakota
Club Open Show 2020

Sunday:- 16th February 2020
Judge:- Liz Beal (Emsuart)

The show was sponsord by
Eden Holistic Pet Foods.

Eden at the Northern Bullmastiff Club Click here for Show Results
Club Year Book

Due to Covid-19 we didn't produce a 2020 Year Book, but we still have available some copies of the 2019 edition and some from previous years in limited numbers whilst stocks last.

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Please note subscriptions need to be paid on or before 1st January each year. All fully paid up members for 2020, on request, will receive one free year book per membership fee. (while stocks last). Terms & conditions apply.

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Book of Champions

Limited numbers of the "Millennium book of Bullmastiff Champions" and the follow on "Book of Champions 2000 - 2010" are also available from the club.

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Latest News

Keeping you up to date on Bullmastiff & Kennel Club News

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2019 Year Book

The club would like to say thank you to all that placed an advert or provided an article for the year book.
All members adverts are shown on our website for a 12 month period, please click the link below to view them.

Members Year Book Adverts
Breed Statistics for 2020

New Registrations - 361

59 Litters,  6 Exports,  11 Imports

Number Of Dogs Hip & Elbow Scored

Hips - 26,  Elbows - 20

New Ch., JW, VW & ShCEx Awards

New Ch. - 0,  JW - 3,  VW - 0,  ShCEx - 0

New Breed Health Award Scheme

Trudy Talbot the Bullmastiff Breed Council's breed health co-ordinator, with the help of our breed clubs, has put together a Bullmastiff Health Award Scheme which comprises of 3 levels of award.

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Club Mission Statement.

To work in partnership to create a positive future for the health and wellbeing of the Bullmastiff.

  • Promote the Bullmastiff in every way
  • To work alongside the Kennel Club on all aspects of health and the wellbeing of this beautiful breed.
  • To liaise with medical experts and assist them in research to combat any health problems the breed is identified to have.
  • To provide education initiatives to owners to ensure a long term healthy future for the Bullmastiff.
We at the Northern pride ourselves on our Code of Ethics, which is incorporated in our Club Rules, these are a clear indication of our intentions and condemn any variation. All members of the Northern Bullmastiff Club are to abide by the above aims.

Northern Bullmastiff Club